Construction R32 : naissance de la deuxième coque : 11 mai 2012

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Quelques photos du travail de la semaine, avec la pose des fibres et des panneaux sandwich dans le moule pour la réalisation de la deuxième coque. La mise en place du système d’infusion doit intervenir aujourd’hui, pour une fabrication semaine prochaine.

A noter que Trégor va bientôt livrer son deuxième Craff 29.5 et débute la construction d’un Rackam 26 pour un client étranger. Pas mal de boulot en perspective.

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  1. Looks nice your 32!
    I´m the “étranger” waiting for the R26. We had a nice visit in Lorient and a short sail on the R26 saturday morning with a fresh wind and 5 adults and Thierry´s daughter onboard. I was impressed with the 26 in the waves; it had the feel of a good sea-boat despite only 8 meters…. And the sailing was good; nice speed! I have ordered a carbon mast from Axxon and some good sails from Incidences including a masthead asymetruc spinnakker 68 sqm and a gennaker 35 sqm. We made some small adjustments for my boat with hatches/doors/etc and also had a look at the first half of the cockpit tent; very promising!
    I will save some kgs with a factory glued boat; (and have asked for vinylester for the whole boat in stead of polyester); but will add some with a refrigerator and a toilet and a solar panel and a larger battery; so all in all about the same weight; but more power in the sails!
    The R26 should be finished around 15. july when I arrive in Lannion. I plan for some days installing some electrics and an autopilot and checking everything; and then I will sail her to Norway. My sailing up here is mostly on the Norwegian coast and the Swedish west coast; and the occasional trip over to Denmark; most of it in protected waters behind the islands. The best playground for this boat; lots of small islands where you can tie up on the rocks (only 30´50 cm tide…) and have paradise and the sunsets for yourself!
    I am really looking forward to seeing the yard in Lannion; and I will also see your boat then in july! When is the R32 to be delivered?

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